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How to Format Essay with Harvard Writing Style

Harvard style is one of the commonly used techniques used in academic writing. It is mostly used when writing humanities and social science papers; however, professors could ask you to use it in sciences and business courses. When one is asked to use Harvard style they should ensure the text and reference are drafted using the same manner. Harvard referencing comes in-text citations and reference list. Although some students opt to use automatic citation generator as a citation tool, it is essential for them to master how to format their papers. Below is a detailed guide for using Harvard style.

Harvard Referencing Guide

  • Reference list

All sources used when constructing the piece are written in the reference list. The list should be on a separate page at the end of the main where the sources are organized in alphabetical order. Some of the details to mention in the references include the name of the author, publication date and title of the source. All in-text citations should be in full in the references list. The entire list should be double spaced.

  • In-text citations

In-text citations are used in the text of the paper. They are used to refer to where specific information was obtained from another piece of work. It may be a quote or a paraphrase. In-text citations are short compared to full references because they contain only part of the complete reference information. In Harvard referencing, they include the author’s name, publication year and page number all written in brackets. When the author is more than one, write the surnames of all. In cases where the page cited is one ‘p’ will be used, however, in the event of several pages ‘pp’ will be used.

  • Citing different sources

Students are allowed to use different material for research when creating their academic papers. It is, however, essential for them to learn how to cite various sources. For instance, when citing books, ensure the first letter of the title and pronouns are in capital letter. More so the entire heading should be in italics. The sources should be written starting with the last name, first name initials, year, the title then the edition. All these details should be separated with a period. The final aspect is the publishing city and name of the publisher which is separated from the version by a comma.

Articles are referenced as follows; the last name of the author, the first name initial. (year) Title of the material. Name of journal, Volume, Page number. When you use online websites, pay attention to authorship of the website. The individual author is credited with authorship; however, if one is not available the site receives the acknowledgment. The format should be as follow; Name of author (Year). Title of the page. (Online). Latest update. URL (Date of access)

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