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    Connect and share pictures of your unique town. Exchange pictures while meeting new people. See.


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    Share knowledge of your own culture and learn a little more about others. Engage.     



By Tiagba

By Tiagba

modified.jpg?1538251856061.jpg By Drissa Boudo

By Tiagba

1538153813342.jpg By Drissa Boudo

Welcome to Flooco




Connect, Exchange, Understand 

Upload videos, add pictures, and make new friends.

Your window to the world

Travel the world without even leaving your home! Wherever you are in the world, you’re able to learn about places that you hope to one day see.






 Bridging the Cultural Divide

Though the internet has helped to make the world a little bit smaller, the cultural divide is still a huge obstacle in trying to learn about other parts of the world.

Engage & Exchange

Share knowledge of your Culture with others, discover and learn new Cultures.





Making the world a bit smaller

Enrich your cultural connection through videos, photos, music, blogs, news, and more!

Share your passion for culture and help promote Peace on Earth.